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Lina is a gaming connoisseur who graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a major in Theater. She started working with Strawburry17 as an intern 4 years ago, and worked her way up to becoming producer/writer/editor for Strawburry17 and Strawburry17Plays. She started the Strawburry17Plays gaming channel and has become the main editor for this and the Strawburry17 channel. An avid gamer, Lina uses her love of gaming to find new and exciting titles for Meghan to play on her channel. Lina also creates content for her personal YouTube channel “Luba_DO” where she does let’s plays and a variety of geek lifestyle content, as well as streams on her Twitch channel. She can play a variety of musical instruments from the electric guitar to the electric kazoo and creates silly short songs for fun (“Pillage the Village” anyone?). Lina enjoys writing skits for Strawburry17 and acting in them as well! She reads Ms. Marvel religiously and loves to keep up to date with the comic world. Udon master, she has collected all pieces of the Triforce and, in her spare time, fights evil by moonlight.

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