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With over 121 million views and an audience of over one million subscribers, Meghan hosts and produces a variety of video formats on her YouTube channel “Strawburry17” as well as uploads gaming videos on her second channel “Strawburry17Plays”. She also starred in the 22nd & 24th seasons of the hit CBS show The Amazing Race, as Rapwnzel in the web series Video Game High School, was the backstage correspondent for Fake Off Season 2 on TruTV, and is the host of the new show Polaris Primetime on DisneyXD. Meghan started Strawburry17 10 years ago as a way to make friends with people she admired in the YouTube community. She made lip dub music videos with her younger brother and collaborated with major labels like Sony, Universal, Warner, and Atlantic to promote new music. In 2012 she revamped her brand and put her focus towards geek lifestyle and gaming. She focuses on everything from DIY, cosplay, cooking, unboxings, fashion, and lifestyle. She has been invited to participate in one on one interviews at significant media conferences such as CES and SXSW, to talk about her experience as a business woman and social media influencer. In television, she was the social media consultant for TruTV’s series Fake Off. As a thought leader, Meghan has worked closely with Google, Golin and other media companies to create new ways to bridge relationships between brands and social media influencers, drawing on her years of experience on YouTube. While she maintains Strawburry17, she is also pursuing hosting, voice acting, and producing. Yellow Power Ranger at heart, Meghan has collected all 151 Pokemon… cards, and is a force to be reckoned with on the Mario Kart tracks.

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