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There is nothing more perfect than lining up your October with the spookiest movies and TV shows to help get you in the spirit of Halloween. But what about anime? That’s where I come in. I wanted to give you my top five picks for anime that you should watch, spoiler free. But beware, these aren’t just your average grim grinning ghosts—these are the most terrifying blood-thirsty creatures and heart-pounding tales I’ve uncovered thanks to Funimation.

Hellsing: Ultimate

10 Episodes

Aired from 2006 to 2012

The second anime adaptation based off of the hit manga series by Kouta Hirano, Hellsing: Ultimate delivers ten seat-gripping episodes full of vampires and blood! What more can you ask for from a Halloween themed anime list? Not only are there beautifully produced gory scenes of vampires sucking the lifeblood out of their prey, but there are also… Nazis! Yes, that’s right. A horrible Nazi army attempts to take over Britain, and it’s the Hellsing Organization’s duty to stop them. But, as a twist, the Organization’s best weapon is the most famous vampire of them all, the one and only Alucard!

Tokyo Ghoul

12 Episodes

Aired in 2014

Imagine if you were half-ghoul and you could only survive by eating human flesh. That sounds gross, but to college student Ken Kaneki, this is his new reality. After a near fatal encounter, Kaneki is transformed into a half-ghoul and must learn to live with his new curse. Struggling to fit in, he must keep his identity secret from the humans around him.


12 Episodes

Aired in 2016

Blood and Guts! That’s what you’re going to see a lot of in this show. Guts, being the name of the main character of course, is your humble purveyor of heads and limbs, as one short swing of his gigantic blade could easily cut down twenty of his enemies. He spins a blood-curdling tale of revenge in possibly one of the most dark and grim worlds I’ve encountered in my years of watching anime. He fears nothing as he takes on hordes of enemies and some of the most despicable monsters of the land on his quest to avenge his fallen comrades by the hand of his former friend and leader, Griffith. This is a great pick for my fellow Lord of the Rings lovers.


22 Episodes / 2 Specials

Aired in 2010

In this epic murder mystery, the innocent and quiet town of Sotoba, Japan is plagued by the increasing deaths of its citizens. The local doctor begins an investigation that uncovers a terrible truth. The dead are coming back to life and won’t stop until their thirst for blood has been satisfied. These monsters are the Shiki—vampires!


33 Episodes / 11 Specials

Aired in 2012

For my final pick, I’m tossing you into a dark dystopian crime thriller that is sure to catch you off guard! This tech noir world of the future scans each and every citizen’s probability for committing a crime based on their Psycho-Pass—a measurement determined by their present mental conditions and bio feedback. When the sensors detect high levels of aggression, the officials of the Public Safety Bureau are called to action. Now, what if someone were able to trick the system? This is where things go out of control. If you like Blade Runner or Judge Dredd, this one is for you!

Thanks for checking out my 5 spooky animes for Halloween list, and make sure to let me know what you think! Also, if there are any you think I could add to my list be sure to let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out all the awesome shows and movies Funimation has to offer!

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