Power A Nintendo Switch Accessories

Thanks to Power A Accessories for providing the products to try out! This post isn’t sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Being an avid gamer, I love to customize my consoles with lots of accessories. But these things can definitely add up… Which is why I like to find a balance: buy the coolest looking gaming accessories for the best price!

Recently we received Nintendo Switch accessories from a company called Power A Accessories. They wanted us to test out some of their officially licensed Nintendo swag, so I jumped at the chance!

1. Nintendo Switch Wired Controller PLUS – Super Mario Edition

Removable 10ft USB cable, 6 interchangeable analog caps for ultimate customization and soft-touch rubber grips all go into making this controller a very nice alternative to the Pro Controller sold by Nintendo. My favorite part is the unique Super Mario design on the controller featuring some of the most famous items in the games. I will say it’s a little bulky for my hands, but I’m 5’2” so I’m used to a lot of accessories being a little big for me. It’s a very springy controller, which might slow down your response time in first-person shooters… buuut this is a controller for the Nintendo Switch, so I don’t think an extra couple milliseconds in response time will hurt too much in your playthrough of Stardew Valley. Overall I really love the look of the controller, and at $29.99, literally half the price of the wireless Pro Controller, I definitely have to recommend it!

2. Nintendo Switch Premium Game Card Cases – Super Mario Edition

A premium card case? For $12.99? I had my doubts TBH. My history with game cases have been pretty rocky. The hinges usually end up breaking or the cartridges rattle around inside the case. But the Power A case actually feels really sturdy. I love the inside of the case where they have rubber slots that grip and hold onto your Switch games—so they don’t fly around everywhere. There are also micro SD slots so that you can carry around 12 Switch games and 12 micro SD cards at the same time. Design-wise, this case is really nice! It’s not as big and bulky as other cases I’ve seen, and the Mario logo is actually raised up making it 3D. This means when you’re traveling with it you don’t have to worry about scratching off any painted on design.

3. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grips – Super Mario Odyssey Edition

This is a stylish twist on the plastic Joy-Con grips that come standard with the Nintendo Switch. I’m gonna be honest, holding the Joy-Cons is uncomfortable—even when using the Joy-Con grips. The Power A grips try and make the experience as comfortable as possible by adding “double-injected rubber grips” so you’re not just holding on to plastic the whole time. I was surprised at how light the grips were even with the rubber. It’s a cool looking upgrade from the standard plastic grips and cost $19.99.

4. Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover – Super Mario Edition

I’m going to finish with my favorite accessory—the hybrid cover. This is a cool cover that will do wonders to protect your screen on the go. It has a magnetic closure to keep it secure and comes with a screen protector. This thing can be propped up for easy viewing when you want to set your Switch on the table to game! The case itself feels really nice, and the designs are what won me over right away. The Super Mario case is awesome and will make everyone jealous with the new Super Mario Odyssey coming out! These covers will run you $29.99, and since cases and screen protectors are necessary for travel, I think these are some of the coolest options out there.   

All these accessories are set to come out this Fall! Once they’re out, you can pick them up at the big retailers including Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Toys R Us. For more info you can check out their website.

So what are some accessories you just can’t do without? Mine would be the hybrid cover—let me know what you think in the comments below!




Photos by John Estanislau