Halloween Comics Haul

On my journey to find spooky things this Halloween season, I went over to my local comic shop to see if they had any themed comics. Here are some of the cool ones I picked up!:

Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1 Created by Jim Lee and Keith Giffen: I’m just gonna start things off with my favorite comic series of the bunch! Now I’m a HUGE Scooby-Doo fan. I mean I even have Scooby slippers. Yeah I know, I’m cool. So when I saw DC was releasing a series where Scooby and the gang are thrown into the apocalypse and have to fight through hordes of monsters, I knew I had to pick it up! Jim Lee (Uncanny X-Men, Batman: Hush) and Keith Giffen (Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes) create the most insane story using these classic TV characters. The series started back in 2016 and is now on issue 18 but has been collected in volumes which I picked up. The best thing about this series is the little throwbacks to the original cartoon series. Each character is an extremely kick butt version of themselves, but they never lose who their character truly is! Jinkies guys, this series is groovy!

Adventure Time: 2017 SPOooKTACULAR – Created by Pendleton Ward: This is a special Halloween comic that Adventure Time has done a few times in the past. This year, the special issue is centered on Peppermint Butler and has 4 mini stories written by a variety of writers. Fitting seeing as “PepBut”, in my opinion, is probably one of the creepiest characters in Adventure Time. Through this comic we take a peek inside the mind of Peppermint Butler and see that behind that sweet and happy facade is something much darker… Not my absolute favorite comic, but Adventure Time fans will definitely enjoy the Fionna and Cake story! BUTTERSCOTCH BUTLER YOU’RE SO CRAZY!!

Coady and the Creepies – Created by Liz Price and Amanda Kirk: This series was recommended to me by the comic shop owner, and the artwork immediately hooked me. It kinda has Steven Universe vibes to it with such fun colors that each panel was exciting to just look at. Created by Liz Prince and Amanda Kirk, this series follows three sisters who make up the punk rock band The Creepies. After a freak accident, Coady is technically dead and becomes a ghost, but that won’t stop “The Creepies” from becoming the greatest band that’s ever lived! Sort of.. I picked up the book that conveniently collects all 4 issues for me, and I wasn’t disappointed! Definitely more silly than scary, but Coady and the Creepies is such a fun read that’s perfect for the Halloween season!

Ash vs The Army of Darkness Issue #1 – Written by Chris Sims and Chad Bowers: The Evil Dead franchise is a classic to so many people out there. I wanted to check out the comic version for myself! The main character, Ash, has the perfect kind of humor for someone like me. He uses his sarcasm every chance he gets, as he poses as a high school teacher to try and stop evil Deadites from taking over the school. I only bought issue #1 of this series so I’m no expert on the comic, but what I did read was pretty fun and definitely crazy. I say it’s worth giving it a few more issues!

Little Nightmares Volume 1 – Written by John Shackleford: The story of Little Nightmares the game has always really interested me. You don’t get much storyline in the game but just enough to get you invested in the world and the character Six herself. The volume collecting the first 3 Little Nightmares issues has just come out so it was the perfect opportunity for me to catch up. I should have known, based on how weird the game was, that the comic series would be just as crazy. But I’m not sure I was really prepared for HOW crazy this comic series is! I loved being able to get a deeper glimpse into the world of Little Nightmares as Six meets a few kids who try to remember what their lives were like in the outside world. BUT the memories of these kids aren’t complete, and they try to piece things together. It makes it a little difficult to follow along. To be honest I’m not 100% sure I understood what the heck was going on in this series haha. I highly recommend you go pick this comic up mostly just because I’d love someone to try to decipher this for me!

Severed – Written by Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft: This is another recommendation from the comic shop and the cover definitely looks terrifying! I’m going to be totally honest with you and tell you that I haven’t actually finished this horror comic yet. But I definitely plan to once I get over how creepy the art is. From what I’ve read, it leans more on the creepy side than relying on a lot of gore. It follows a 12 year old boy trying find his father, but little does he know that a man with razor-sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh has been haunting the roads he is taking… Ah great now I’m scared again. Let me know if any of you pick this comic up and we can read it together!

Archie’s MadHouse Returns – Written by Rich Margopoulos: I rode that Riverdale hype train all the way to the comic shop and picked up this Halloween themed Archie comic! This special issue is apart of Halloween ComicFest where comic shops around the world give away free Halloween comics, host costume contests and more. This little comic is your classic old school Archie so if you want to know the origins behind Riverdale, this is perfect! AND GUESS WHAT? We’re actually giving away some of these Archie comics to a few of you! So comment down below with what comics you’re currently into or want to read!

XOXO – Lini Dink




Photos by Meghan Camarena

  • taylor molina

    i have never really been into comics, i remember reading the totally spies ones when i was like twelve and a few others here and there.

    • Lina⚡️Madrid

      It’s all about finding the right comic for you. There are so many different kinds of comics, not just superheroes punching each other! I highly recommend Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. They’re both really funny and kickbutt girls!

      • Christian Granados


    • Meghan Camarena

      YOU GOTTA START WITH MS MARVEL! Kamala Khan is the hero of our generation. Truly inspirational. 10/10 Would read again.

      • Christian Granados

        Love YOU MEGHAN

  • Christian Granados


  • alymagiccow

    I’ve definitely been wanting to start reading the Archie comics again after watching Riverdale! Just such a great comic!

  • Christian Von Kettel

    I have never read any comic, I don’t think I’ve ever even picked one up. I like the idea of having them but I never have. The adventure time one looks really cool by the cover. I would like to start getting into them but I have no idea where to start. ❤️

  • Katie Egan

    I love love love the Scooby Apocalypse series, anything Batman, Ms Marvel, and Spider Gwen.

  • The Ben Kerzer Show

    I want the comic

  • Bella Yee *:・゚✧

    I’d love to read through the Archie Comics after enjoying Riverdale so much!

  • deanskreeper .KimjongdaesTrash

    Comics is one of the things that i always read in our school library, comics is kinda known in our country. I remember reading nancy drew, archie and batman. Oh and also scooby doo. Ah, memories. I always wait for our school librarian to buy another part of nancy drew. I really love that..

  • Sebastian Figueredo

    I love this haul! I’d love to win the giveaway of the Archie Comic. 💕

  • Totally digging the new comic series by IDW… Star Wars Adventures! 😄

  • SilverTongueMM

    I’m so happy for you Meghan. You are finally doing stuff for YOU and that YOU enjoy and you can really tell. Also, I used to love reading Archie comics at my Aunt’s house. I hate that water damage ruined all of them. And she had boxes full!!

  • mauricio

    I’m currently in the hunt for new reads. I love reading marvel and the DC comics but I want to expand my horizon when it comes to the comic world. I haven’t read any of the Archie comics and I am caught up on riverdale. Which Archie comics do you recommend to begin with ??

  • ColleenS

    Some really great comics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Conor Bennett

    I’ve never read any comic books in full, only some manga, but I’ve always been interested. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Carly Shaine

    I’ve never actually read a real comic book before but I really want to start reading and collecting. I think their super neat! I know I should start with Marvel or DC comics but I also really want to read the Archie Comics as well. 🙂

  • E.T Emma-Terrestrial

    Absolutely love it when comic books make holiday versions. Lina, I expect you read these while eating a Hot Cheeto sandwich. I know that’s what I’d do🔥❤️

  • Just Like Amanda

    I want to get into reading all of the Archie Comics

    • Just Like Amanda

      Any suggestions for other comics?

  • Madisyn W

    I started out reading marvel and DC comics, then moved to the Archie comics. I have never read the halloweeen ones though.