Custom Xbox Controllers

Our friends over at Microsoft were kind enough to send us some sweet codes to design our own custom Xbox controllers at the Xbox Design Lab! I made one last year for my gaming channel and had Gamerburry engraved on the controller.

What’s new this year are the rubberized grips and metallic colors you can apply to the triggers and D-Pad. Since I’m doing a bit more gaming on Disney XD’s Polaris Primetime, I decided to make a Strawburry themed controller!

I went with White, Metallic Pink, Metallic red, and rainbow buttons! I wanted to throw some green in there, but red and green can all too quickly start looking like I’m Christmas’ number one fan and less of a Strawburry. It just came in the mail this week and it’s so beautiful! These are really awesome gifts for yourself and for people you sorta kinda really care about. The price ranges from $79.99 USD to $102.95 USD with all the bells and whistles! If you’re having trouble with inspiration there are tons of controller ideas loaded onto the community gallery!

John and Lina got to make their own too! Both of their inspirations are very true to their character.

John’s inspiration: Wildberry Poptart (didn’t end up using blue because it was too dark)

Lina’s inspiration: Pharah from Overwatch (PHARAH MAIN FO LIFE ~ Lina)

Design your own at Xbox Design Lab and share your design with us! What would your Custom controller inspiration be?


<3 Meghan



Photos by John Estanislau