DIY Bullet Journaling

Last month I ran into @AmandaRachLee at Create and Cultivate in Seattle where she was telling me about her YouTube channel where she does Bullet Journaling. She films herself creating a planner for the month along with other pages like a mood tracker, to do lists, budgeting, and whatever else she’s wanting to keep track of. Which at first to me sounded like a lot of work, and technically aren’t we already tracking all those things through emails and social media?

But after second thought (being 100% honest with you) it hit me, I struggle with always feeling like I’m never doing enough or maybe too much. Even though my schedule is filled to the brim, I’m always feeling like I’m falling short or I’ve missed something I was supposed to do. The guilt from feeling like I’m failing and being overwhelmed has been something I’ve always struggled with. When I have this conversation about my shortcomings with people I care about I’m reminded how much I’m accomplishing, and that I should be giving myself more credit for the things I’m doing. WHICH IS FREAKIN TRUE MAN, but the mind can be a tricky place sometimes… But this is where Bullet Journaling comes in. I feel like it could actually help me in a few different ways:

  1. As a creative outlet (I really love drawing. When I was a kid I wanted to be an animator and was even in AP art in high school. I also had a character named Max I always drew/secretly had a weird crush on… I was a freak)
  2. To remind myself of what I’m doing and maybe set realistic boundaries to help protect myself from committing to too many things. It’s easy to say yes to things, but if I’m really laying out my schedule it’ll be easier to say no.
  3. Keep track of my feelings in a healthy way. Some people do a sketch a day, color code a mood tracker, or save a page for journaling. I love all of those idea especially journaling. In my early Strawburry years I used to write almost every day. Even though the majority of my posts were pretty emo, letting my emotions manifest on a page made me feel better. Side note you can find some of my blogs if you search hard enough from 2008…

Now, I feel as if I’m late to this trend, considering hundreds of thousands of people have watched my friend Amanda’s videos, BUT I THINK IMMA TRY THIS THING OUT! I’ve already bought some markers, pens, and a fancy dotted notebook to get started:

I’m trying to let the perfectionist in me die a little bit and just start writing things out, BUT of course that’s taking me a hot minute. I’ve outlined most of my pages for how I want to structure my journal and might wait until November to get started! …or I could just start today… We’ll see! Do you bullet journal? Or are you like me and this is the first time you’re hearing about it too?! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also… I’m taking suggestions for page ideas!


Love you guys!





All Photos by Meghan Camarena