Last Minute Amazon Prime Costumes!

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Last week I made a blog post saying I’d help you pick out your Halloween costumes! Well your girl has delivered on what she promised. Not only am I coming at you with 4 costume inspirations, but all of which can be delivered via amazon prime to ensure you’ll get all your pieces by the weekend!

First up is Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia. He’s a fiery hot head with a bit of an anger issue, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Midoriya! If you’re unfamiliar with the anime, be sure to catch it on Funimation and use our affiliate link! The english dubbed voice acting is incredible, and the story is so heartfelt. I’m certain you’ll be hooked after the first episode!

Now this costume definitely is more in the vein of a casual cosplay. The pieces are unique and when all added together, you get the idea of who has inspired my outfit. Bakugo has a crazy black and red hair piece. To match that I found a red fleece face and neck mask that has black drawstrings attached. For my arms I used layered compression sleeves. I’m wearing a basic black tank top that’s tucked into some amazing punk styled leather pants. They have unique markings on the thigh and a crazy zipper across the front. For my hands, I’m wearing green tactical gloves that match my green tactical belt and leg holsters. I added toy grenades to my belt because I thought they looked cute! His character wears some really amazing black and red combat boots that are nearly impossible to find. While I was shopping at the converse outlet in palm springs I found these black and red converse for $18. It was too good to pass up and a close enough match for me! I let my hair be it’s normal unruly self and basically dunked my face into black eye shadow until it resembled the mask that Bakugo wears. Not too shabby right?

1. Red and black Compression Sleeves: and

2. Black Converse with Red Laces:

3. Leather Punk Trousers:

4. Red Fleece Face and Neck Mask:

5. Green Leg Holster:

6. Toy Grenades:

7. Army Green Gloves:

Striking a pose as my favorite hero is usually something I save for quiet time when no one’s watching, but when you’re dressed to the nine’s in the coolest outfit how could you not? Izuku Midoriya is a humble little kid who stumbles on the greatest powers the world has ever seen. To do him justice, I had to make sure my cosplay pieces were on point! I slaved away finding just the right color green in a vest/hoodie combo. Complete with cool chest zippers and black trim, this piece sure did not disappoint.

Sticking with the casual theme, I layered in one of my favorite shirts to pull off the shoulder pads Midoriya sports on heroic occasions. These sleeves have a layered armor look that really pulls it off, but if you want a plain white t-shirt works too! Instead of going with his usual knee pads, I thought I’d combine the style into the pants. Typing in “moto jeans” on Amazon is a sure way to strike gold I’ve found. The belt was another easy find. The texture of the buckle and the strap came as an added bonus.

We found Midoriya’s iconic red shoes at a Converse outlet store on our way back from one of our vacations—and for a bargain too! To complete the base I went with a black long-sleeve compression shirt to fill in the arms. Can I also just say that I love the gloves—probably too much. Too bad I can’t play video games with them. On my elbows, I slid on my skate pads I wear when I go to the park on occasion. Finally, I finished it off with a stylish military scarf I found to pull off the gray face mask he usually fights with.

1. Gray Desert Scarf Wrap:

2. Green Zip Up Hooded Vest:

3. Red Converse:

4. White Shirt:

5. Red Belt:

6. Brown Combat Gloves:

7. Elbow Pads:

8. Black Moto Jeans:

9. Black Compression Shirt:



I recently binge watched all three seasons of Rick and Morty and am currently going through withdrawals. After our failed attempt at getting szechuan sauce a few weeks ago, I felt the only thing that could cure my aching heart was a Rick Cosplay. When putting any costume together last minute there’s only one thing you need to get right and that’s the colors of the character you’re creating! Since I’m doing a genderbend Rick, I decided to go with a pleated tan skirt. Since I’m short, the skirt was practically a dress. If I had thought about it before I got lost in a corn maze I might just cut about 6 inches off so it wasn’t so long, BUT IT DID THE JOB! I’m wearing a light blue turtleneck under my sleevless edgy lab coat with cool metal zippers. I splurged and got an insane clicky brown leather belt. It locks up instead of using belt holes. Maybe this is a common thing, but this is the first time I’ve ever used one of these belts and my life has been changed. To finish the costume off, I used some fancy moto boots I’m in love with! I’m going to be using them quite often in the future for other cosplays and casual wear! Now if only I had a portal gun! My costume would be complete!

1. Mocha Brown Belt with Gold Buckle:

2. Long Sleeveless Blazer:

3. Black Motorcycle Boots:

4. Light Blue Knitted Turtleneck:

5. Khaki High-Waisted Skirt:

I got the idea to try this casual cosplay of Morty when I came across this crazy looking shirt hoodie layered with shiny chrome. I said to myself, “wow, that would look amazing on a futuristic Morty.” Seconds later, I saw it enter my shopping basket without a thought. I imagined if Morty was a real person from the future, he’d probably wear this. So that’s what I stuck to. Once again typing “moto jeans” in the search bar, I found these absolutely perfect looking blue jeans. The cool layers of stitching really help put this look years into the future. The complete the outfit, I put on my favorite black belt and the classic white Converse sneakers.

1. Black Belt

2. Ripped Biker Jeans:

3. White Converse:

4. Yellow Hooded Shirt:

This is a photo series of a cute moment turned weird when Lina yelled out “Ew you’re kissing your grandson!” WAY TO RUIN THE MOMENT LINA!

I hope this was helpful and you find a last minute costume that makes you feel comfortable and cool! I can guarantee if you go to a party no one will have one of these unique ensembles! Here’s a complete list of the costume pieces I picked out for everyone who left a comment in my last blog.

1. Inuyasha:

2. Ash Ketchum:

3. Amazing Race Meghan:

4. Alice from Resident Evil: 

5. Chris Redfield from Resident Evil:

6. Female Star-Lord:

7. Fire Nation Katara:

8. Cool Velma:

9. Casual Mercy:

10. White Rabbit:

What are you gonna be for halloween? Leave a comment. Let me know!


Love you guys!