Let me pick your Halloween Costume!

Photos by Michael Solomon

Have you ever wished you had your own personal Halloween stylist? Someone who you could tell who you wanted to be and they could just pick out your costume for you? WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! Amazon set me up with an influencer page and I can make really sweet custom lists for ANYTHING! Some of you may already know but I am the Amazon queen (heh) when it comes to quick finds and easy cosplays. Since we only have a few weeks left until Halloween I’m gonna have to act fast! No promises on being able to get to everyone’s request, but I’m gonna try my best to help you find a list of things you can order with Amazon Prime and put together before Halloween! Leave a comment down below with who you want to be! Keep in mind I’ll be trying to find the thriftiest pieces to complete your spooky outfit! P.s. I really enjoy doing these sort of things. I already helped @Shubble find her Halloween costume via Amazon Prime items. I’M A WIZARD HARRY!