My Power Ranger Story

Art by Daniel Bayliss / BOOM! Studios

When I was six Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out on TV and changed every ounce of who I was. I had a tough time in school because I wasn’t your typical six year old. I had older siblings and always felt a bit more mature than my peers. Which obviously made me bossy and not too popular… I didn’t understand kids my age and felt it was my duty to guide them towards the path of efficiency and right! For example, I never understood why the girls in my class would always pick flowers or collect leaves during recess. I thought it was silly. WHY DO YOU NEED SO MANY FLOWERS AND LEAVES?! ARE YOU GONNA MAKE A CORNUCOPIA WITH THEM? I THINK NOT KINDERGARTEN GIRLS! I caved one day and collected the most leaves my lil arms could carry and brought my offering over to a group of the most popular girls in school—who were in the process of doing the same thing but not as effectively as I just had. Heathens! Instead of being crowned their new leaf queen and greeted with a warm welcome for my glorious pile, they all accused me of STEALING their leaves and proceeded to chase me like an angry mob out of Beauty and the Beast. Luckily for me, I was the fastest in my class so I dusted those fools and ran to the blacktop crying in embarrassment and shame for not being enough for those psychotic leaves kids. I was only trying to help. I attempted to move on to the jungle gym part of the playground since I was in gymnastics and could use my skills to show off, BUT that part of the playground was like a scene out of Mad Max. A few kids—who loved biting—dominated the monkey bars, and I found out the hard way that they’re not impressed with my showing off. No place was safe for someone like me. I resorted to sitting against a chain link fence that separated the playground from the classrooms and would take my notepad and pencil to recess with me every day and just doodle. I probably would’ve written in a journal if I knew how to write something more than my name and “I <3 you.” I did this for months. I had really given up on the whole friendship aspect of the playground. I figured my doodles would soon be discovered by Disney and I’d be the youngest animator in history to work on their next big movie. So it was really only a matter of time until my playground woes would be a thing of the past.

Five year old Meghan logic was extremely imaginative and ambitious. My logic still remains the same as an adult. One day a girl came up to me and asked me what I was drawing. I was terrified! WAS SHE GONNA TRY AND STEAL MY NOTEBOOK?! Maybe she was gonna try and shove me in the trash can when the teachers weren’t looking OR WORSE ask if I could draw her something. I calmly and coolly replied, “A Zord.” I didn’t expect her to know what that meant and was hoping she’d be confused and go away, but instead, she responded excitedly, “FROM POWER RANGERS?” Our friendship was instant. Finally, someone who understood a higher form of entertainment! She joined me in drawing by the fence. We’d talk about the Power Ranger episode we saw the day before and debate why Trini was obviously the best Power Ranger! Kimberley’s gymnastic skills were cool, but Trini knew martial arts and the saber tooth tiger was LEGENDARY! Our drawing sessions soon turned into combat training on the grass where we reenacted our favorite fighting scenes from the show! My friend always made me be the Pink Ranger because I was white and somehow she thought—since she was full Mexican—she’d be a better Yellow Ranger than me. It was refreshing to find someone bossier than me, and some days we’d switch off if she was feeling generous! We’d switch between being Putty People and Rangers and practice our cartwheel kicks and punches. That year we single-handedly made it illegal to play Power Rangers at school because it was too violent and the teachers couldn’t figure out if we were actually fighting each other. Sometimes we were it depends if I was the pink ranger that day lol.

One of the times we had got in trouble—for the billionth time—our parents had to come in and have a chat with the principal. It was my mom’s first time meeting my friends mom and despite the fact that we kept getting each other in trouble, they both were really happy we found each other as friends. I found out later that my power ranger buddy had just lost her brother in a car accident and she was having a really hard time with it. Us finding each other on the wild playground helped her heal. What she didn’t know about me was my mom had just gotten really sick and was about to take me out of school and I wouldn’t end up seeing her until I came back to school in 5th grade. Her friendship changed me and held me together when times were dark at home. It’s crazy how people come into your life at the perfect time to give you just what you need to keep pushing forward.

My love for Power Rangers helped me forge a friendship I didn’t even know had the potential to exist. I found my first friend, and all of a sudden I was a little less lonely—I felt like I had a place on the playground. WE WERE THE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL MIGHTY MORPHIN COOL KIDS! Being the only girl out of four boys growing up I was always told to be more like one of the girls, but that didn’t resonate with me. I also thought that was an unfair pressure the world put on me and voiced my opinion about the matter often. I was a handful even at five. BUT LISTEN! I didn’t want to pick up leaves and make flower crowns! I wanted to be a hero and kick some BUTT! I wanted my life to be filled with action, righteousness and teenage angst! I wanted to be good and stand up against bullies! I wanted nothing more in my life than to be a Power Ranger. Every year until I was ten, I’d dress up as the Yellow Ranger. I only stopped being it because they didn’t make the costumes in my size anymore—this was a heartbreaking discovery. I was sort of ok with it because the new Power Rangers series had come out, and Trini had already left the show so I didn’t feel like I could be true to the suit anymore. I collected any Trini toys I could! I had a Trini pog I kept in my wallet up until 8th grade and collected all the Power Rangers toys from McDonalds. Anyone who knew me KNEW I LOVED POWER RANGERS. I remember the day Thuy Trang passed away. I cried. She was, and still is, my hero. I would’ve given anything to have met her. I thought maybe someday I would, and I’d get the chance to tell her thank you. Thank you for showing me girls could be different. That they could be the heroes and didn’t always need saving. But most of all, I wanted to tell her thanks for making me feel like there was someone like me in the world. RIP Thuy Trang.

I gave up on my dream of ever becoming a Power Ranger. Sure, I could’ve auditioned for the TV show, but I don’t know… That dream died and seemed completely out of the realm of possibility. Deep down, it’d still always be a dream of mine but just not one that’d happen for me, or at least that’s what I thought. THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR PROVING ME WRONG! On Wednesday October 18th, 2017, I officially became the Pink HyperForce Power Ranger—completely canon and in the Power Ranger universe. I know it’s not the Yellow Ranger, BUT MAN I’M A FREAKING POWER RANGER! Yes, at the ripe age of thirty, I’ve achieved my lifelong goal of being able to say, “IT’S MORPHIN TIME,” and really morphing into my phoenix suit. I have my own Zord, and the show has it’s own theme song! THAT’S GONNA BE MY RING TONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Also Bulk from Mighty Morphin is one of the Rangers. I act real cool when we’re in rehearsals, but internally I’m screaming cause he’s so freaking cool, and his comedic acting was Emmy worthy! What an inspiration. So yeah. Shout out to the evil leaf kids and flesh eating monkey bar hooligans. LOOK AT ME NOW! Jk jk… Shout out to my elementary school friend who brought out the Power Ranger in me <3

These people do a better job at explaining the show than I could, so peep their blog for more info!:

Love you guys

-The Pink HyperForce Power Ranger also known as Meghan

(omg it’s so cool saying that)