Shu Uemura X Super Mario Bros. Holiday Collection!

Thanks to Shu Uemura for providing these products to try out! This post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own.

I’m going to be honest with you before I dig into this blog. I’m the furthest thing from a beauty guru. I’ve been mostly using the same makeup brands Ingrid Nilsen helped me pick out years ago. But every once in awhile I get brave and try something new to add to my very minimal makeup routine. I’m usually extra enticed if there’s some geeky spin on it! Luckily for me, the good people over at Shu Uemura know my weakness and sent me some of their Super Mario Bros. 2017 Holiday Collection—which also includes hair products! Ever since I started straightening my curly hair I’ve always used their protective oils and couldn’t recommend them more! The quality you get from Shu Uemura products are worth every single penny. Ok, enough fangirling from me. Let me show you what I got and what I thought about it!

Rogue Unlimited Sheer Shine $30 – Saved Peach

I’ve been wearing this quite a bit. I’m usually a chapstick kinda girl but this is heavenly on my lips and gives me the perfect pop of color and gloss!

Tint in balm $30 – Fire Flower

This shade was a lil too vibrant for my everyday look, but it’d be great for dressing up!

Drawing Pencil $24 – M Black 01

A really nice shade of black that smudges nicely if you’re wanting to blend it in.

Invincible Superstar Premium Curler $21

These things terrify me and I never curl my eyelashes when I’m doing my own makeup, but these guys are so kawaii I’m able to put my fear of poking my eye out aside and let these golden star curlers power up my lashes!

Photo Courtesy of Shu Uemera

Cleansing Oil Shampoo 400ml $57

Smells wonderful and left my hair feeling cleaned but not stripped of it’s natural goodness!

Cleansing Oil Conditioner 250ml $58

You can smell the Bergamot Essential oil and it’s incredibly refreshing and calming. I LOVE WHEN MY HAIR PRODUCTS SMELL DELICIOUS! It softened my hair and left me feeling like how a conditioner should, tangle free!

Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil 150ml $69

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I sometimes use it as a leave in and almost always use it as a finishing product. It leaves my hair feeling shiny and tames my frizz! After straightening and curling my hair, this oil definitely puts the life back into it! Oh, and it smells good too!

Master Wax 75ml $39

I used this wax on my bangs and ends of my hair! I was really surprised because it was light enough in texture so it maintained its hold without weighing my hair down or worse, making my hair feel stiff. My hair is pretty thick and curly so I’m always hesitant to use a flexible holding wax, but this stuff did the job!

PHEW Ok! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD! Check out the Shu Uemura Holiday Collection: hair products and makeup

I hope you enjoyed my first beauty review! I definitely want to do more and help take the pain out of searching for the good geeky beauty products! What geeky makeup would you buy? Leave a comment! LET A GIRL KNOW!


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Photos by John Estanislau