Super Mario + Forever21

Thanks to Nintendo for providing the products to try out! This post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Well well well, look what we have here! Nintendo sent me Mario Kart swag BECAUSE THEY KNOW I’M NUMBER ONE! Just kidding… You all saw my disgraceful loss on Polaris Primetime… ANYWAYS they sent me the new Nintendo #F21xSNES Collection they did in collaboration with Forever 21. Thanks Nintendo! I went ahead and styled them up in my best #GeekLifestyle fashion! I, by no means, think I’m some super rad guru when it comes to fashion (I live in sweatpants most of the time. No shame.) but I do like styling up pieces of clothing like this in my own way!

Photos by John Estanislau

This Mario Kart bomber has all the action happening on the back and down the sleeves so I felt it was ok to pair it with a graphic ramen tee and red flannel! Both of which I got from Hob Nob Shop in Lil Tokyo! When it comes to jeans, my preference is always the cropped biker style from All Saints. They’re a bit pricey for jeans, but they last forever and go with everything! My shoes are Toga Pulla from Hue in the Art’s District in DTLA. They’re a funky Italian shoe that sort of makes me feel like a hipster cowgirl with all the detailed metal buckles.

Photos by Meghan Camarena

My socks are Richer Poorer. They’re simple black socks but embroidered on the back are two eyes! One is winking so I’m basically being flirty with every step I take! Or… I have allergies or something is in my eye… For jewelry, I’m wearing Poké Ball earrings by Unpossible Cuts. John picked them up for me at A Shop Called Quest in the Arts District in DTLA.

Photos by Analisa Figueroa

For the red Mario Kart cropped hoodie, I tucked one of my basic grey tank tops from All Saints into my grey jeans, also from the same brand. I get a lot of my basics from them if you haven’t already noticed. But only when they’re on sale… cause a girl has to be thrifty! My belt is a leather braided black belt I picked up from Nordstrom Rack. These are my favorite kind of belts for a few reasons! 1. I love the detailing. 2. You wont get any weird stretched out holes from wear over time. 3. You never have to feel too bad about yourself if you’ve gone up a size or down a size because there’s no way to tell and limitless expandability!

Photos by Meghan Camarena

Ahem… enough about my love for food. For shoes I’m wearing the red Chuck Taylor All Star II High Top unisex shoe! They’re different from regular Chucks because they have a non-slip tongue and a Nike insole cushioning that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. No joke, I’ve worn Chucks my entire life and they’ve always killed my feet from lack of support, BUT THE ALL STAR II’S ARE A REAL GAME CHANGER! I don’t normally like matching my shoes with my top, but since this sweater is a lil extra, I felt like it was alright. For jewelry I’m wearing wooden Pizza Earrings from Unpossible Cuts.

You can peep the Super Nintendo Entertainment X Forever21 collection on, although from what I just checked I think they’re selling out quick! Was this helpful? Would you like to see more Geek lifestyle outfit breakdowns by myself or even John? Leave a comment! LET A GIRL KNOW!

<3 Meghan




Featured Image by Meghan Camarena