Super Mario Odyssey Postcard Give Away

Photo by Analisa Figueroa

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY COMES OUT OCTOBER 27TH! If you’re not hyped for this game you need to order a pizza and get pumped for what’s to come! I played a demo version of the game at E3 and earlier this week at a Nintendo event! The best way to describe the game would be if Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine got together and had a baby. There’s so much to discover including hidden moons that’ll bring the completionist in you to a whole new level of satisfaction. NOT TO MENTION THERE ARE OUTFIT CHANGES AND ADORABLE HATS YOUR COMPANION HAPPY CAN TRANSFORM INTO! A Customizable Mario?? This giving me Animal crossing vibes. But I digress… if you haven’t played a Mario Game in a while I promise you this will be the one you’ll want to play next. Nostalgia hits you like a warm hug and this brand new adventure will take you to new places Mario has never been.

Photos by John Estanislau

To celebrate the hype I’m giving away 5 of these post cards from towns in Super Mario Odyssey! Check out my Instagram for more details! P.S. did I hype this game too hard? Are you gonna play it? Should I get a t-shirt cannon?

Love you guys!




Featured Image by Meghan Camarena