20th Anniversary Tamagotchi

Thanks to Bandai for providing the Tamagotchi to try out! This post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Parenthood hit me hard 20 years ago when the Tamagotchi first came out. Sleepless nights of entertaining my digital child and picking up it’s virtual poos! I had an incredibly hard time keeping my Tama alive. I was only nine and had a very short attention span BUT STILL! Every death was pretty tragic for me lol.

Bandai was kind enough to send me their 20th anniversary edition of the Tamagotchi from my childhood! I have a second chance at being a good Tama mom! There are six different original Japanese styles, with 5 friends you remember and one Surprise Character! I LOVE SURPRISES!

Last year, the SB17 Team and I traveled to Japan, and on our adventures we rediscovered the newer Japanese versions of the Tamagotchis. These have a higher pixel density and are slightly larger than their originals and what’s even better—COLOR SCREENS! Only problem was, all the commands and menu options were written in Japanese. You can imagine our struggles! Needless to say, now having the opportunity to hold the new classic version in my hand fills me with heart-warming nostalgia. Oh, and see that little guy on my Japanese version below… that’s John and I’s Tamagotchi love child! He’s so cute! We’re good parents!

Honestly, even with all the crazy mobile technology we have packed right into our phones, these little guys stand apart. I see them even more as a fashion piece. Imagine all the looks I’ll get walking down the street with my Tama dangling from my Poke Purse! But seriously, I am probably more excited about this 20th anniversary edition than a grown woman should be. I can’t help myself!

They’re available for pre-order here: http://sb17.co/tamagotchi

Let me know if I’m not alone in all this excitement in the comments down below and if you want one too and what color!

Love you guys!





Photos by John Estanislau

  • Jared

    I remember having a tamagothchi as a kid, I think mine lived for a week or so before he died of old age. I might pick one up, probably the blue one.

  • SilverTongueMM

    I’m going through reading all your latest posts, which I love by the way, and this one is definitely my favorite and very nostalgic. I’m gonna have to work a couple hours overtime so I can splurge on one lol

  • Kym Hill

    I can’t believe you are only just getting these we have had them here in Australia for about a month now. I think you might be disappointed I know I am. The Japanese ones look cool wish they had them here.

  • Mason

    Woah I never played or seen one a Tamagotchi in real life, but I really want to have one😂Like you said with all these new technology coming out, I would still be fascinated by one of these!

  • Padraig McCaughey

    My sister had a tamagotchi and it was the best thing ever. We just found a couple of weeks in an old box and it was till working unfortunately it was not alive. And I would like the blue one.