New Twin Peaks Footage Shot by David Lynch

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HOW’S ANNIE? HOW’S ANNIE? Could we finally know how the heck Annie is?!?!!?!?

Sorry, I got carried away there for a second. Actually, I take back my apology because there’s a possibility that there is NEW TWIN PEAKS FOOTAGE.


The David Lynch whodunit drama that abruptly ended after two seasons back in the early 1990s and there is new footage. And OMG.

Actor Ray Wise spoke with Fangoria and revealed that he would reprising his role as Leland Palmer, the father of doomed Laura Palmer. Wise said they shot a promo for the blu ray release of Twin Peaks “two days ago.” Now that begs the question, if Leland Palmer is in the promo, who else could possibly be in it?

Now excuse me while I jump into my Netflix queue and rewatch all of the episodes as I anxiously wait for this release.