TeaShot: Boba Perfection

Boba milk tea basically runs through my veins. Yes, my doctors are slightly concerned. I love boba so much, and I am always looking for new places to feed my addiction! Little Tokyo has a lot of boba shops, as you can imagine, but a new place has just opened up, and I had to check it out.

TeaShot is a really cool tea and coffee shop that specializes in organic and all-natural ingredients. That’s awesome and all, but WHAT ABOUT THE TASTE? I’ve tried a few of the milk teas from their pretty big menu, and so far, I have not been disappointed!

I love options and this place has a lot of them—from the type of tea, milk, add-ons and even sweetness level! I always get the 100% sweet level, because I live life to the fullest. On this trip, I got their TS Signature tea with whole milk and honey boba, and Meghan got their most popular drink—the Peach oolong with almond milk and honey boba!

I like to judge new places on how well they cook their boba. Is it too mushy or too crunchy? Is it flavorless or too sweet? After going to TeaShot a few times, I can say that their boba has always been consistently really good. They serve honey boba, which contains the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness.

Now, I bet you’re wondering—Ok so we have the TEA covered, but what about the “SHOT” in TeaShot? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the cookie shot:

I’ve never seen anything so angelic… I bought the pumpkin spice shot and filled it with whole milk. They served the cookie warm so that every bite you would get gooey cookie with a sip of ice cold milk—DELICIOUS. The best part is that it doesn’t fall apart like you might think!

They even decorated for Halloween! Don’t need to spend money on a costume—I’ll just Instagram myself with this cat mask. DONE. This place is pretty new so I still have many more things to try on their menu, which they actually plan on expanding very soon! They also have a Happy Hour from 4:30 – 7:30 PM Monday through Friday where you can get $1 off any size drink and free honey boba. So how about you guys? Do you love boba as much as I do? What’s your go-to boba tea flavor? Sound off in the comments below!

=^^= Lina



Photos By Meghan Camarena

  • taylor molina

    there is only one bobba tea place near me and I only get to go on rare occasions but when I do go I love getting yogurt bobba with like flavored tea it changes all the time. And not gonna lie 10/10 I thought one of the prices on the menu photo was 54.00 and I was like damn that better be good but no it was $4.00. I may need glasses who knows.

    • Lina⚡️Madrid

      Omg $54 for boba?? That better be liquid gold I’m drinking if I pay that much 😂 oooo I’ve never had yogurt boba before but that sounds delicious 🤤

  • lexi // 5 ♡

    whaaat that looks so good!!! there’s only one boba tea place in my little area of downstate new york, and it’s slightly pricey but very worth it. i can guarantee you, lini dink, that i love boba TWICE as much as you!! wildeee, i know 🙂 my go-to tea flavor is probably taro milk tea or honey milk green tea!!

    • Lina⚡️Madrid

      Lol ok ok you can have the boba queen title 😉 and green tea boba is my favorite!!! Oh great.. now I want boba again..

  • Sarah Shapiro

    Why do i have to live in georgia???? The only boba place is 45 minutes away!

    • Lina⚡️Madrid

      THATS SO SAD!!!!! You’re just gonna have to open your own boba shop. You know how kids like to sell lemonade on the street? You can compete with them and sell boba 😜