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BOOM! Studios invites you to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Rangers with an electrifying adventure. Dive into the world of the HyperForce Rangers, brought to life by an incredible team:

📝 Melissa Flores (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Radiant Pink) weaves a spellbinding tale. 🎙️ Meghan Camarena (Radiant Pink, Radiant Black), the voice of the HyperForce Pink Ranger, adds her magic. 🎨 Federico Sabbatini (Moon Knight, The Dead Lucky) paints the vivid universe. 🌈 Bryan Valenza (Witchblade, Ghost Rider) infuses every panel with color.

In this POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: HYPERFORCE one-shot, Mistress Vile (formerly known as Rita Repulsa) and Dark Specter breach the Morphin Grid! The contagion spreads, leaving the Rangers at their most vulnerable. Now, they must journey across the multiverse, seeking unexpected allies, and push themselves to the limits.

🚀 Don’t miss this epic full-length story—the HyperForce Rangers’ triumphant return awaits!

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