Acne Studios Wool Crop Trousers

Acne Studios Wool Crop Trousers


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  1. Material: So, they’re made from this cozy blend—57% wool, 37% poly, and 6% elastane. Basically, it’s like wrapping your legs in a warm hug. 

  2. Style: Picture this: a wide-leg cut. Not too baggy, not too tight—just right. And the best part? They’re cropped. Yep, modern twist on a classic silhouette.

  3. Color: Sleek, my friend. They come in this deep, mysterious grey. Goes with everything. Seriously, it’s like the chameleon of trousers.

  4. Versatility: Here’s where it gets fun. You can go all boss mode—crisp blouse, heels, conquer-the-world vibes. Or—wait for it—pair 'em with sneakers and a chunky sweater. Boom! Chic off-duty ensemble. You’re welcome.