Alice + Olivia Issa Turtleneck Puff Sleeve Dress

Alice + Olivia Issa Turtleneck Puff Sleeve Dress


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  1. Design: Now, the neckline—it’s a turtleneck. Not just any turtleneck, though, a classy one. It’s like having a built-in scarf, perfect for those crisp days when you want to feel chic.

  2. Sleeves: Brace yourself—the puff sleeves! They’re like little clouds for your arms. Seriously, they add a touch of whimsy and make you feel like twirling around.

  3. Color: Hold onto your hat—it's Wild Pink Metallic. Imagine catching the light at a party and turning heads. Yep, that’s the vibe.

  4. Fit: No lining, my friend. It’s all about that easy-breezy movement. Dance floor? Yes, please!

  5. Closure: Oh, and the back? It’s got this exposed zipper thing going on. Secure fit, check!

  6. Fabric: The fabric? Lightweight jersey with a hint of magic—okay, fine, it’s lurex threading. It shimmers, glimmers, and basically screams “special occasion.”