Big Bud Press Ricky Jacket Pink Jacquard

Big Bud Press Ricky Jacket Pink Jacquard


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  1. Retro Vibes: This jacket is straight out of a '50s movie – think James Dean meets your artsy aunt. It’s got that cropped, boxy fit that screams “I’m too cool for school.” And guess what? It totally works.

  2. Pocket Power: Those welt pockets in the front? They’re not just for show. You can stash your phone, your secret love letters, or maybe even a tiny treasure. Plus, they’re lined with satin – fancy, right?

  3. Elastic Magic: Now, pay attention to the back. We’ve got these stretchy elastic pleats that do two things: keep the jacket sitting pretty at your natural waist (whether it’s open or closed), and give you room to breathe after that epic lunch.

  4. Zip It Up: The YKK zip enclosure is like the cherry on top. Smooth, reliable, and oh-so-satisfying to pull up. And if you’re feeling a little rebellious, those custom brass snaps let you adjust the width of your sleeve. Yep, you’re in control.

  5. Jacquard Dream: But wait, there’s more! The fabric – it’s like a work of art. Heavyweight 100% cotton jacquard, woven with love. The pattern? A playful dance of pink threads that’ll make you feel like you’re wearing a masterpiece.