Big Bud Press Spring Rapture Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Big Bud Press Spring Rapture Short Sleeve Jumpsuit


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  1. Leslie Hung Magic: Leslie Hung, the genius behind Snotgirl, sprinkled her enchantment all over this jumpsuit. It’s like stepping into one of her whimsical illustrations – women in red, pink, yellow, and pale green dancing across the fabric. 

  2. Unisex Chic: This jumpsuit doesn’t play favorites. Big Bud is for any and all genders! The fit? Just right – not too baggy, not too clingy. Perfect for those spontaneous dance-offs.

  3. Color Symphony: Imagine a sunset melting into a garden party. That’s the color palette. Soft pastels meet bold pops – it’s like Leslie dipped her brush in a rainbow and painted this jumpsuit. 

  4. Pocket Love: Those pockets? Oh, they’re more than practical. They’re secret treasure chests. Phone? Check. Lip balm? Check. A tiny sketchbook for impromptu doodles? Absolutely. 

  5. Versatile Vibes: Wear it to brunch, wear it to an art show, wear it while chasing fireflies at dusk. Dress it up with funky accessories or keep it minimal – it’s your canvas. And guess what? It’s made from sturdy 100% cotton twill, so it’ll last through all your adventures.

  6. Limited Edition: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill jumpsuit. It’s like catching a shooting star – rare, magical, and destined to turn heads.